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The world of technology is evolving all the the time. So much so that we literally have an abundance of knowledge right at our fingertips. We strive to help businesses, students, and hospitals to implement the most current of technologies to create superior educating systems. Having the right tools to access this knowledge is key to advancing into the future of technology.

There are many obvious advantages to having our tablets. They are user-friendly, secure, ready for customization, and convenient. With a world of knowledge in the palm of your hands, the possibilities are endless.

wholesaletabletcosts.com strives to lead institutions such as hospitals, businesses, and schools into the world of tomorrow.

The fact that there is a world of knowledge that can fit into the palm of your hand is quite amazing. What is even better is that we are capable of providing a variety of institutions with the ability to access this knowledge, by providing bulk tablets at wholesale prices. It is invaluable that learning institutions of all kinds have to the technology needed to ease access of this knowledge.

Having access to tablets is beneficial for everyone. It allows students in special needs programs to be able to overcome stigmas that they are faced with on a daily basis. Hospitals and other health care facilities will be able to explain to their patients difficult prognostics and diagnostics in more understandable terms. The implementation of tablets has shown to, in almost every scenario, creates great surges in productivity versus just using standard textbooks and manuals.


Who We Cater to

School / Colleges

–Low Cost Tablets for Education

Promoting a thriving learning environment is crucial for academic success. Tablets are a fantastic tool for school settings and are great for students of all ages. By acquiring low cost tablets, you are opening a world of possibilities to students. Access to tablets provides students with access to hundreds of educational apps, video tutorials, and many other methods of education that are shown to stimulate students versus a textbook alone.

Tablet batteries can last all day, allowing students to focus on their work instead of worrying about where to plug in. Tablets also allow students to be able to easily move around the classroom and work with others when needed, as well as providing flexibility to work anywhere on campus. Access to the voice recorder on tablets can help to greatly improve literacy. Moreover, students with disabilities in special programs can have their devices set up with custom lesson plans suited for their specific goals. Higher academic success is attainable with the use of tablets.


– Healthcare Tablets & iPads

The use of tablets in hospitals has the potential to change the way patients view health care. When coming into a hospital, patients are already in some form of distress and confusion, be it their own or that of a loved one. However, the use of tablet can help alleviate stresses in these situations. The use of tablets helps facilitate a doctor’s daily routine by allowing them to show patients in simpler means what is happening to them medically. Doing so helps promote greater bedside manner, thus giving patients comfort in what could be a very stressful situation.

Tablets can also prove to be very useful when it comes to retrieving medical records and histories. When a tablet is integrated into a hospital’s EMR system x-rays and other scanned images can be shown to patients with ease.In emergency situations doctors need to be able to make critical decisions as quickly as possible. Having access to electronic records in the palm of their hands allows doctors to be able to make these critical decisions swiftly.  A delay in receiving medical records because  they’re being found physically can have grave consequences. Having tablets in the healthcare setting truly proves to be not only advantageous  but also necessary in this day and age.


– Wholesale tablets costs for Corporations & Businesses

Price is an ever present concern when it comes to acquiring electronic devices for any business. Wholesale pricing for purchases made in bulk quantities helps to minimize this concern greatly. The implementation of tablets has shown to increase productivity greatly. When integrated into a company’s network system, tablets can be used to easily share many types of documents and reports as well as speed up the process of mundane task of note taking and data entry.

The use of tablets in an office setting helps cut back on paper filing systems that take up much room and allows for a lot of human error. With tablets, invoices and memos can be filed precisely, emails and calendars can be easily viewed, and reports and charts can be easily shared. All of this allows for inter-company communication to increase greatly and thus leads companies to grow, thrive, and achieve their highest potential.  

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