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iPad Mini vs. iPad Air

The release of iPad lineup by Apple has offered a new name to the full sized iPad, the iPad Air. The new iPad Air has also blurred the line of distinction between the 9.7-inch tablet and 7.9-inch tablet. The choice between the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air has become one of size rather than one of ability, as the latest iPad Mini is as powerful as the iPad Air. Below are some of the main advantages of iPad Mini 2 over iPad Air.

The Price

The price of iPad Mini has increased to 399 dollars for the base model, but it is still a hundred dollars less than its full sized brother is. For the same price of a 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad Air, you can have an iPad Mini 2 that has 32 GB of storage space, which is plenty of space for many of us.

The Screen

iPad Mini 2 has the same 2048 x 1536 resolution screen. Having the same resolution on a smaller screen offers iPad Mini 326 pixels per inch (PPI). This means that the iPad Mini has a better screen clarity than the iPad Air, which has a PPI of only 264 pixels.

The Core

Both iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 have an A7 processor and this is a big upgrade from the original iPad Mini. The original iPad Mini shared the same processor as the iPad 2 device. For this reason, the device is much slower than the full sized iPad.

The Size

Being small is an advantage and disadvantage as the same time. Many users were wary of the small screen size when the original iPad Mini was released. However, iPad Mini 2 has a screen size that is bigger than most of the 7-inch tablet screens. For browsing the internet, reading eBooks, and other casual use, this iPad Mini model is good.

Users say that iPad Mini 2 is excellent for hardcore gaming also, but size can be a limiting factor. It is easy to use the iPad Mini 2 one handed, but there are areas like typing on the on screen keyboard where the extra screen size of the iPad Air comes useful.

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