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Troubleshooting iPad Connectivity Issues

iTunes is the most relevant and useful app in iPad tablets. iPad users use the iTunes app for installing major system updates and backing up their data and applications. Connectivity issues between the iPad and iTunes app is a common issue reported by many users. Sometimes, the device will not connect to the iTunes app, which can cause issues with the update and back up of the device freshly bought from an iPad for wholesale site.

Proper troubleshooting is one of the best ways to resolve any of the connectivity issues between the iPad and iTunes. Described below are some of the troubleshooting methods to resolve iPad connectivity issues with iTunes.

Restart iPad and the Computer

Restarting the iPad and the computer is the simplest way of resolving any issues related to connectivity. Shut down the computer rather than restarting it, and power it back on after waiting for a few seconds. Initiate a restart of the iPad in the meantime as well. For that, you need to press and hold the Power button located on the upper right corner of the device.

Slide the button for switching off the device as soon as a red button with an arrow appears on the display. Press and hold the Power button again after the display is completely blank, which will restart the device. Connect the iPad to iTunes after both the iPad and the computer is powered up.

Check the USB Port

Another method in troubleshooting an iPad with connectivity issue with the iTunes app is by checking the connection of the USB port. Verify whether the issue lies with USB port by plugging the device into another port. Mostly the issue of connectivity with the iTunes app is attributed to a faulty USB port. It can be verified by plugging another iPad device into the port frequently used for the device.

Determine the Battery Charge

A low battery can also cause the iPad to develop certain issues relating to connectivity. Unplug the iPad from the computer and verify the available battery percentage located on the upper right side of the display. Fully charge the device if the battery percentage is less than ten percent. Plug the device into a wall power outlet if the iPad displays a Not Charging message when connected to a computer.

Reinstall iTunes

Reinstalling iTunes will also resolve any of the issues related to the connectivity of the device. Uninstall iTunes from the computer by navigating to the Start menu and selecting Control Panel (in Windows computer). Scroll down the list of programs, right click on the iTunes program, and select the Uninstall option. Download a fresh version of iTunes after it is fully removed from the computer.

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