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Learn Simple iPad Hacks

Apple always thrives on the design aspects as well as the specifications it has on paper. Taking both those derivatives into the equation, we have compiled the following hacks and tweaks for your beloved iPad tablets. Be careful though, for the expertise always lies with those who buy iPads in bulk.

Mount the iPad to Control Home Economics

Techies would love to mount the iPad on a shelve door and use it as a message center by turning on the rear camera. The door can be anything such as that of a refrigerator or an aquarium. Turn the shooter on and know what is moving inside without even opening the doors.

Dock the iPad inside the iMac Body

The classic Mac personal computer casings for iPads are readily available in the market. With the tablet being somewhat tricky to hold, you might want to give some rest to your palms. So buy one of those casings and simply put your ergonomic iPad inside the shelf.

These ideas are simply lending more purpose to the screen size of the iPad and giving convertible options. If you have a wireless keyboard, touchpad, and mouse, then all the better for it.

Use the iFile Manager to Access Screen Mod

This hack simply lends purpose to all the hacks being done, meaning the mounting the Apple gimmick. The iFile has an inbuilt web server that enacts the home networking or office networking. Simply control the movies you want to watch, the files you may want to access, or the mode of the screen.

Retro Backwards to the Millennial

With the remote joystick, the iPad lets you play retro games such as those played in millennial. The run around circles paranoia is even popular today, as seen in the popularity of treasure hunt games. Simply mount the iPad and get started today.

Dock the Apple inside a Pedestal

There is only so much you could afford to do with the gadgets of this ilk. Some of the company official casings highlight the Apple logo inside a keyhole, once the tablet gets inside. Think of the same concept of docking Apple, without having to compromise on aesthetics. You can listen to music, flare up the volumes, and automatically rotate screen just as you want, although the original concept of iPads is still a privilege for many.

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