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Fix Battery Drain Issues

Apple now offers the second generation of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, a 9.7-inch iPad, and the small 7.9-inch iPad Mini 4. All these devices are rated to offer ten hours of battery life. Yet if you have recently bought an iPad Pro device, you might experience more drain on the battery of the device. The tips shared below by wholesale iPad dealers can help you to fix the battery drain issues in iPad devices.

Wait for it

Whether you have set up the device as new or restored from backup, your new iPad Pro device could eat up lot of battery power while downloading, games, apps, images, emails, and other data. The reason is that the Wi-Fi of the devices stays on for long, and the search system of iOS, Spotlight, will need to index all the data. When the processor and Wi-Fi of the device is unable to sleep, battery power will be consumed more than normal. If you have installed new software or upgraded the device, give the device time to finish everything and move back to normal.

Test Standby

The new system will take some time to finish transferring all the data and many users tend to spend much time trying out the latest features in the iPad. This can be especially true with things like Apple Pencil and ProMotion, or the latest Augmented Reality (AR) or drag and drop features. While using these features, the screen, Wi-Fi, and many other things in the device will remain on, consuming the battery power. If you feel that the battery is lasting only half as long, the first thing to do is to ask yourself if you are using the device twice as much.

To test the standby power of the battery, note the remaining battery life and put down the device for twenty to thirty minutes. Note the remaining battery life while you pick up the device after thirty minutes. If there isn’t much drop in the battery life while the device is on standby, you need not worry, as the battery life of the device might return to normal when your usage becomes normal.

Reset the Device

If you find that the battery of the iPad continues to drain even when you are not using it, you might have to reset the device. To reset the device, you will need to:

  • Press and hold down the Sleep/Wake and the Home button simultaneously.
  • Keep on holding down the buttons as the screen of the device turns off and the device reboots

If none of the above steps helps to restore the battery life of your new iPad Pro device, you will need to contact Apple support for further assistance.

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