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Tips to Maximize the Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

One of the aspects that distinguish a tablet from a phone is in terms of battery life. Smartphones tend to have higher battery life that enables the long-term use of the device. Modern tablet devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 come with advanced features like high-resolution screen and processing power. Operating this would require much higher power consumption, which is the reason why most tablets have shorter battery life. The only way to prevent this issue is by following some smart practices to maximize the battery life offered by the tablet. Described below are some helpful tips to extend…

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Why iPad Mini 2 is better than iPad Air?

The release of iPad lineup by Apple has offered a new name to the full sized iPad, the iPad Air. The new iPad Air has also blurred the line of distinction between the 9.7-inch tablet and 7.9-inch tablet. The choice between the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air has become one of size rather than one of ability, as the latest iPad Mini is as powerful as the iPad Air. Below are some of the main advantages of iPad Mini 2 over iPad Air. The Price The price of iPad Mini has increased to 399 dollars for the base model,…

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Protect Your Tablet by Adopting These Few Simple Tips

It is evident that most of the tablets, mobile devices, PCs, and even laptops are pretty fragile, as they are being exposed to everyday elements. Apparently, tablets might end up in an unusable state, if you fail to take the necessary precautions while using them. However, if you take a few necessary precautions, then you will no longer have to worry about the cracking of your screen or any other unpredictable damages. Follow the below listed steps to ensure that your device stays secured from physical damages. Get a Sturdy Protective Case The first thing to do after buying a…