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Android Nougat 7.1

Google’s Nougat 7.0 Android OS has been unveiled in some of the year’s best Android tablets. The brands that use stock Android in their tablets over custom UI would help users experience Nougat in its original form. Since the launch, several users have availed the version update to keep their gaming interest sky high. Further, it seems that tablet manufacturers may take their own sweet time to make Android Nougat serve the users better than the current version. Below are some tips and tricks, which would let users make full use of the Android tablets featuring Nougat 7.1.

Customize Widget Size and Screen Size

Toggle through to tablet Settings > Display and you can find an option that lets you tweak onscreen content and widgets. To enhance the widget size, tap on Display Size option and keep moving the slider until widgets reach a custom size that is viewable to you. If the present widget is ok to view though, then never mind going to the Settings.

Unlock the System Tuner User Interface

This is a clever little tweak in Nougat, which provides users with a unique tablet UI. Firstly, you need to turn on Developer Settings in Settings > About Tablet. Second, press and hold the Settings cogwheel located next to the battery icon in the notifications panel. If you press and hold the cogwheel for ten seconds or so, the System Tuner UI will be enabled.

Ambient Display and Quick Launch Camera

This feature, which is commonly seen in stock Android tablets running Nougat 7.0, is now available in Nougat version 7.1. as well. Go to Settings > Display and you would be greeted with some monochrome notifications that help save tablet battery. With a double tap of the standby widget, users can launch the tablet camera quickly and the trick for that is in Display settings.

Easter Egg Gaming on Stock Android

Playing Easter Egg games is ten times better in Nougat than playing some of the previous flash games in Android tablets. Go to Settings > About Tablet > Android Version to update your tablet OS and play Easter Egg in a better way.

Note that plenty of treasure hunt games are available on Google Play Store for free too, and some of them yield users the best entertainment. Nougat is also named after a confectionary, and Google say that it is all for the delight of tablet users.

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