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Better Battery Life

If you are an iPad user, who uses the device for a number of tasks such as browsing web, accessing social media accounts, playing games, and watching TV shows, then the battery of your device might be running out at a much faster rate.

The battery life of almost all latest model iPads are estimated to last for about 10 hours, which means that if you are using a latest model iPad, then you will not need to worry about the battery backup of your tablet. However, if you are using an older iPad then you might not be getting the battery life you want. Below are a few simple tips, which will help you to extend the battery life of your tablet.

Reduce the Brightness

If you have set the brightness level of your iPad to the optimum level, then the device will consume more power. Reducing it to a lower level will help you to significantly reduce the power consumption, which in turn will boost the battery life of your iPad.

Turn Off Unnecessary Extras

There are plenty of features in your iPad and you might not even use some of these features. Bluetooth is such a feature that allows you to communicate with music systems and other iPad devices wirelessly. However, you can perform the same function much more efficiently through Wi-Fi. So, make sure to turn off the Bluetooth and other unnecessary features.

Update your Device

A recent statement made by the officials at Apple revealed that updating the iPad device to the latest operating software is another effective way to extend its battery life. However, it is significant to note that updates to a latest version usually take a little while to complete, so do this only when you are not using the tablet.

Limit Notifications

You might be using a number of apps on your iPad and most of these applications need to be constantly updated. You will keep on receiving notifications on your tablet to update these apps. These notifications may also cut short the battery life of your tablet. So, make sure to turn off the notifications.


Your tablet will continue to consume power when the screen of your device is still on. Setting up an auto-lock on your iPad is the best way to ensure that the screen of your iPad remains off when you are not using the tablet.

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