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Remove iPad Battery

The removable battery in an iPad plays second fiddle for all the features you access. Apple designs its products with rugged casings, some even non-removable, make it somewhat tricky to replace the drained battery. Let us explore some plausible ways in which you can the replacement well.

Battery Replacement during Apple Care Warranty

Anyone who has purchased an iPad from the iPad 4 wholesale market would know the details about the extended warranty service which Apple provide. In fact, you could still go to the Apple website and make a service request. For the iPads with some engraving on it, the turnaround time could be more.

Replacement Out of Warranty

You could repair the iPad and get the device delivered to your address by paying below $100 plus additional freight charges. The process of servicing is much the same as in warranty period but you may want to think twice regarding battery replacement as opposed to buying a brand new iPad. Try to find the cost differences between fresh purchase and repair.

Outstation Replacement

One of the things that is common for all brands is that once you approach a third party for servicing, you seldom get the nod from the company officials. The iPad repair stores in shopping malls and kiosks have expert professionals who could troubleshoot the battery problem. Before entering into one, make sure that the said store has authorized service tie-ups with Apple.

Self-Sufficient Battery Doctor

With the right tools at hand, you can replace the iPad battery on your own using tutorials in the cyberspace. These tools may cost you up to $70 on an average, but do remember that this is the last resort. Try the DIY replacement only if the warranty period has expired and if Apple has denied future services on the grounds of service voids.

The Apple iPad 4 wholesale market provides plenty of used tablets for all types of users. However, used iPads does not mean that those devices have drained batteries. The battery is one of the things that you need to focus on when buying used iPads from the company official store or elsewhere.

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