Using Siri on the Apple iPad could be Fun

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Fun With Apple Siri

The Apple Siri voice assistant first featured in Apple iPad had some issues in its voice to text input. The continuous update to the iOS has fixed lot of the issues. The tips shared by iPad 4 wholesale dealers can help you make the Siri App running without any bugs.

Setting Up Siri Voice to Text in Your Apple iPad

Siri accepts tons of commands from the iPad users; the app is a natural language processing tool. You do need to turn your data packs on to operate the voice commands from Apple Siri. Once you do that, navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > Dictation and enable voice command. Long pressing the microphone button turns the virtual keyboard on and sets up voice command. Turn the mic on to convert your spoken words into clear text on the iPad.

Getting Used to Apple Siri

Apple Siri too relies on the clarity of voice inputs. Users need to speak clearly, with proper pronunciation and connotation to get the intended words dictated perfectly on the iPad. There is a dictionary in Siri which helps the voice assistant to understand the pronunciation. Getting used to Siri is slightly tricky for those who stammer, but once you are underway with the voice assistant everything works OK. The quicker the speech inputs, the better the text you get!

Apple Siri as Language Conversion Tool

To activate voice commands in other languages you need to navigate to Settings > General > keyboard > Keyboards > Add new keyboard. The Apple Siri could help you with getting your French correspondence course up to the Apple iPad. There are many native speakers who speak the odd “Bonjour” into Apple Siri and get it precisely into text.

Speech to Text Commands in Apple Siri

Some of the popular punctuation commands in iPad virtual keyboard include the following commands.

  • CAP: To make next word start with capital letter
  • Smiley Face: Gives you the symbol of smiley
  • Frowny Face: Gives you the symbol of a frowned face

Apple iPad is certainly a fun to sue device and Siri makes it funnier to use.

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