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Export Contacts In Ipad Tablets

Personal contacts in iPad tablets can be exported to your Mac PC’s Address Book app with the help of iTunes and an Apple lightning cable. Keeping a back up of the personal contacts in the Mac PC will help you to restore the same after a factory restore or an iOS update.

Exporting Contacts in iPad Tablets Manually

  • Launch iTunes on your Mac PC and then click on the Help
  • Choose Check For Updates, install iTunes update on the PC, if available. When done, restart the Mac PC.
  • Now connect the iPad tablet to the PC via lightning cable. Once you connect, the updated iTunes app would detect the device automatically and create an entry for the same in the Devices
  • After that, choose the Apple iPad from the Devices section and click on Info tab from the main window of iTunes.
  • The Info pane has up to five sections namely Contacts, Calendars, Mail Accounts, Other, and Advanced. Choose Contacts, tick the Sync Contacts With box, and then choose Sync Address Book Contacts from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Apply and wait for the transfer to complete.

Exporting Contacts in iPad tablets Wirelessly

  • Connect your Apple iPad and Mac PC to the same network.
  • Choose iPad from Devices section and then click on Summary tab of iTunes
  • Then, tick on Sync With This iPad Over Wi-Fi box in Options
  • Click on Apply
  • Disconnect the iPad after synchronization of contacts complete.

Do not forget to connect the iPad tablets to a charger when the synchronization of contacts takes place wirelessly. During the syncing, your personal contacts in iPad will be exported to Mac PC’s Address Book app, which can be viewed on the computer application later.

It is to be noted that if you export iPad contacts to Windows PC, then the contacts can be stored in Outlook or Windows Address Book. If you export to both Windows PC and Mac PC, then the contacts can be stored in Yahoo! Address Book or Google Contacts.

Note that setting up wireless syncing will ensure that your Mac’s Address Book stays up to date, and that helps especially when you lose these key personal data from refurbished iPads. Not just Contacts, in fact, you can also export Calendar entries and other content in the iPad tablet to Mac PC’s iTunes following the above-mentioned steps.

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