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Recovery Mode In IPad

Resetting an iPad to its default factory settings is the best option when it comes to troubleshooting an iPad to solve common errors. Most of the common iPad issues experienced by users can be easily fixed by simply rebooting the device but it is vital to follow the right steps when you are rebooting the device.

When rebooting the device doesn’t solve the issue, most iPad users usually proceed to the next troubleshooting step, which is to wipe all data from the device. However, what will you do if you are unable to reset your iPad? If your device is locked or if it gets continuously stuck at the Apple logo, you will have to force the tablet into Recovery Mode.

The Recovery Mode of your iPad is a process, which uses the iTunes on your Mac or PC to bypass the operation of the device. If your iPad is stuck at the Apple logo, then this process will force your iPad to reset to its default factory settings. This will in turn help you to overcome the issue. However, you will have to note that this troubleshooting step should be only performed when your device is stuck at the Apple logo.

If it is merely frozen, then you will be able to solve the issues through a few simple troubleshooting steps. Below is how to enter into the Recovery Mode on an iPad.

  • Connect a compatible USB cable to your Mac or PC
  • Gently hold the Sleep/Wake button until a red slider appears and then activate the slider to turn off the device
  • Now, hold down the Home button of your device and connect your iPad to the other end of the USB cable. Continue to the hold the Home button until you see the iTunes logo on the screen
  • You will now receive a notification on your screen that alerts you that you have entered into the Recovery Mode of the device. Now, you will be easily able to reboot your iPad through iTunes.


If you have no proper knowledge on how to reboot an iPad through iTunes, it would be wiser to get in touch with a tablet repair technician because they will be easily able to help you accomplish it without much effort.

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