Android Oreo will automatically fill passwords and username when you enter the log in field of Google account or third party apps that have integrated the autofill feature. Navigate to Settings > System > Languages & Input > Advanced > Input assistance > Autofill to enable or disable the feature on the compatible Android Oreo devices. Then choose the app you want to integrate the feature into from the navigation path.

A limited number of password manager apps support the autofill feature at present on Android Oreo and some are still testing the feature on Android Oreo beta. Experts say that the autofill feature on Android Oreo beta works similarly as on computers to fill in the security information, but with two-way authentication being the difference.

Once users get hands on Android Oreo, they may want to know how autofill feature works in Android tablets ft. Oreo operating system. When you enter the log in field of Twitter, for instance, you could see the prompt Tap to Unlock 1Password. If you tap on that prompt, you could see two options. The first option being the Fingerprint Scanner, where you can add your fingerprint for authentication of the app’s password and username, and the other option is to Enter Master Password.

Try using either and within seconds of confirmation, the Android Oreo will automatically fill the password and username on the compatible device. If you are prone to forgetting the password of your Gmail or third party apps, you can relax, as autofill will fill the passwords on Android tablets automatically.

You may even get to integrate the autofill feature on more apps when Android Oreo full version surfaces soon to more Android devices. Android Oreo is developing and compatible Android devices at present have a beta version of the operating system. However, when the Android Oreo full version surfaces to Android tablets and refurbished tablets, the navigation path to access autofill may change on Android Oreo Settings.

To update your device to Android Oreo, navigate to Settings > About Tablet and open System Updates. Each version upgrade of the Android OS from Google provides some features which get the users excited regarding their functionality and utility. Autofill is one of the latest features on the Android Oreo version upgrade, which will work on web forms as well on Android tablets.

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