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Why Buy an iPad

Apple has been offering incredible products over the last few years and many of us are attracted towards these offerings because of the exceptional features and quality it offers. Many individuals even prefer to buy an iPad without realizing the pros and cons offered by Apple products. However, it is important to know about the details of an iPad tablet and asses it before buying it. Below are a few things you should know before buying an iPad.

Availability of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office package is currently unavailable on the iPad. However, there is an iWorks package within the device, which enables you to create, save, and edit Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets. This app will eliminate the need for Microsoft Office on your portable device, and acts as an accurate alternative. However, if you are a user who wants Microsoft Office package in your tablet, then you should skip iPads.

Documents Printing

There is no way to print documents or photos directly from your iPad. However, there are specific applications designed by third party vendors such as Canon and HP for the purpose. These applications will help you to print your documents to specific printers. Yet again, it is significant to note that most of these devices are designed specifically for iPhone and they are not compatible for iPad.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

There are no insurance policies for Apple products, but the default repair warranty covers almost all typical usage problems including overused switches and buttons that have become unresponsive, failing speakers, and broken headphones. Yet again, the warranty offered by Apple does not cover the user damages or abuse of the device such as cracks on the screen, attempts by user to disassemble the iPad, or damages happened due to the dropping of the device.

USB Support

There is no USB port on iPad models, but Apple offers a separate camera adapter set at a cheap price. This external device comes with a USB card reader and an SD-card reader, and it allows you to easily download the pictures from your camera into the Photos app directly. In addition to that, many iPad users also claim that the device has numerous other USB functions, which allowed them to hook up their USB headsets and keyboards.

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