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Android vs. iOS

One of the major doubts we have before purchasing is tablet is to whether choose an Android operating system or to go for the most popular iOS devices. Of course, learning more about these two operating systems will help you to came to a conclusion and allow you to choose an operating system, which is the most accurate for your needs.

The Apps Support

The App Store of Apple offers a wide range of applications for tablets and it is much better than the Android Play Store. Apple has always been on top of their game since the launch of iOS 2 and they have tried to do incredible things over the last few years.

However, Android Play Store also offers a wide array of different apps and games, but they have a bit less stringent quality control. Besides, Android’s Play Store lags behind in numbers, when compared to Apple’s App Store. However, it is significant to note that almost all major applications are available in both the platforms.

The Perfect Choice

Your final decision on which tablet or operating system to choose will entirely depend on how you are planning to use the device. If you are planning to buy a tablet for your work related uses, then iPad is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you. This is because the device has a wide array of apps and they are practically synonymous with office works and business uses.

Yet again, if you were looking to use the tablet for entertainment and casual needs only, Android devices will hold the upper hand there. Although both of the operating systems handle media contents somewhat the same.

The Price Tag

The biggest gap between these two operating systems is clearly visible in their pricing. It is evident that the prices of almost all Apple products are a bit higher than the Android devices, and the price of an iPad might drag you away to Android tablets.

It is wiser to settle for an Apple product though, if you have a love for Apple products and if you are not limited by the budget cut. However, if you were looking for a budget friendly tablet, then Android tablets would be the better option for you.

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