May 2017

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Visit WholesaleTablets.Com for the Best Refurbished iPad Devices

If you wish to buy new iPad tablets yet cannot afford the price, you can opt for the refurbished iPads. In a way, these are rebranded tablets of the original, but with the faulty components tested and rectified. There are also other alternatives available like opting for a second-hand tablet, but the refurbished iPads are inspected and tested to perform as good as a new device. Refurbished Also Means Revamped There seems to be a myth that all iPad tablets are returned to the manufacturer for the repair works. That might happen in case there are any software or hardware…

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Top 5 iPad Apps for Work

The tablets and smartphones we use have become an integral part of our lives. The applications and several features offered by Apple tablets have enabled us to do a number of everyday tasks with ease. In addition to that, it has also helped several employees to finish more than a few work-related tasks without relying on a laptop. Carrying a heavy laptop when you are traveling from one place to another for work-related purposes is a difficult task. This is one of the major reasons why many businessmen and employees across the world have switched to using iPads. Below are…

Tablets Wholesale Price

Tips to Maximize the Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

One of the aspects that distinguish a tablet from a phone is in terms of battery life. Smartphones tend to have higher battery life that enables the long-term use of the device. Modern tablet devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 come with advanced features like high-resolution screen and processing power. Operating this would require much higher power consumption, which is the reason why most tablets have shorter battery life. The only way to prevent this issue is by following some smart practices to maximize the battery life offered by the tablet. Described below are some helpful tips to extend…