March 2017

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Common Mistakes Made by iPad Users

iPad and iPhone are two of the best electronic devices that are available in the market today. More than millions of users from all around the world own these Apple products. The comfort, convenience, and excellent features offered by Appleā€™s iPad models have made it one of the best tablets ever. Many iPad users recently complained that they are finding it more difficult to master the device because of the growing number of features. If you are one among them, then we highly recommend you to learn more about the features of your tablet, because it will help you to…

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Things to Remember before Replacing the iPad Battery

The removable battery in an iPad plays second fiddle for all the features you access. Apple designs its products with rugged casings, some even non-removable, make it somewhat tricky to replace the drained battery. Let us explore some plausible ways in which you can the replacement well. Battery Replacement during Apple Care Warranty Anyone who has purchased an iPad from the iPad 4 wholesale market would know the details about the extended warranty service which Apple provide. In fact, you could still go to the Apple website and make a service request. For the iPads with some engraving on it,…

Tablets Wholesale Price

Top Five iPad Hacks for Techies

Apple always thrives on the design aspects as well as the specifications it has on paper. Taking both those derivatives into the equation, we have compiled the following hacks and tweaks for your beloved iPad tablets. Be careful though, for the expertise always lies with those who buy iPads in bulk. Mount the iPad to Control Home Economics Techies would love to mount the iPad on a shelve door and use it as a message center by turning on the rear camera. The door can be anything such as that of a refrigerator or an aquarium. Turn the shooter on…