February 2017

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Clever Shortcuts and Tricks to Make the Most of Your iPad

Apple’s iPad is one of the best tablets available to us and it has been around for about six years now. However, there are a few features tucked away in the Settings menu of iPad devices, which you might not have yet discovered. Some of these excellent features were introduced only a few years ago, while some of them have been around for a while. If you are an iPad user who is trying to make the most of his/her device, then it is essential to know about these hidden features. Below are a few clever shortcuts and tricks, which…

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Few Benefits of Buying an iPad

It has become a lot harder to decide whether to buy an iPad or to settle for a laptop. iPads have become the perfect replacement for laptops and they offer numerous benefits to the user that laptops and desktop PC’s couldn’t offer. Most of us use our laptops or PC’s for basic tasks such as watching movies, checking email, internet browsing, and to access social media platforms. On the other hand, an iPad allows you to enjoy many other benefits, along with simplifying the above-mentioned tasks. So, if you are a person who is planning to dump the PC or…

iPad 2 Wholesale

Trying the New TouchBar on your iPad

It is not every day that Apple releases a new interaction model. The last big one was the multi-touch feature on iPhone screen, and now, Apple has added a thin striped OLED display on top of keyboard. This display is available on the latest MacBook pros and is called as the TouchBar. If you wish to use the feature, you can emulate the TouchBar on your Mac, and if you wish to use it with touch, you can emulate it on an iPad. Installing the TouchBar on your Mac It is relatively easy to install and try a floating on…