Android tablets and iPads have become quite common in the last few years. Many of us are attracted towards these electronic gadgets due to the exceptional features they offer. However, if you happen to buy a new iPad, then you might not be aware of the initial things to do before using it.

Fortunately, almost all Apple devices particularly the iPads are incredibly well designed. In addition to that, these devices have an easy-to-use interface, which means that you can easily learn the basics and even the entire working of your tablet in just a few hours. Nonetheless, here are a few things to do after buying an iPad device.

Turn on the Device

The newly purchased iPad will usually be charged, which means that you don’t have to plug the device to a power source right away. Press the Home button of your iPad and turn the device on. A welcome note will be displayed on the screen when the device turns on, which is followed by a Slide to set up message. Complete the initial set up, select your country, and make other necessary changes.

Connect to the Internet

You can complete the initial setup and use the device even without an active internet connection. However, we highly recommend you to connect the device to the internet, as it will make your device a lot more productive and useful. During the setup, you can decide whether you want to enable the location on the device or not.

Add Security Measures

You will have to enter a pass-code or a touch ID to turn the device on. Using a touch ID or a pass-code is the best way to ensure that no one else has access to the contents in your iPad. However, you can turn off the security features if you want, but we highly recommend you to keep these security measures turned on, as it will offer more security to your device.

Create an Apple ID

If you want to make the most of your tablet, then you will have to download a few useful apps. Yet you will have to initially set up an Apple ID, if you want to download apps from your iTunes. So, make sure to create an Apple ID, as it will help you to browse and download the contents in the iTunes store.

One of the biggest strength of Android tablets and smartphones is its apps ecosystem. There are plenty of useful applications in the Google Play store, which helps you to make your life a little bit more comfortable and convenient.

We use these applications for information, productivity, functionality, entertainment, and a lot more. If you are an Android user, then it might be hard for you to imagine a life without using these applications. Here are some of the best free Android apps that you should definitely install on your Android tablet.


This free Android application has a simple interface and it offers a number of options to the user. This app allows you to lock your personal files, images, video files, and even apps with strong passwords, so that no one will be able to access it. This app is a perfect choice for you, if you want to hide your personal files from your kids or noisy roommates.


If you are looking for a news app to stay in touch with the current affairs and other news from all over the world, then your search ends here. Feedly is one of the most popular Android news app and it allows you to subscribe to a number of different websites. In addition to that, this app also has support for YouTube channels, podcasts, and many more.


Groupon is one of the most popular Android tablet apps and is used by millions of users from all around the world. You can browse this app for goods or services, or for discount coupons. You can later use these coupons while shopping, as it will help you to get discounts. One of the major highlighting factors of this app is that it allows you to instantly take advantage of the deals.


This incredible media center application is actually an open-source media center, which gives you complete access to your movie, TV, and music files along with your pictures and apps. If you are using an Android tablet with a big screen, then you should certainly use this app.


MYFitnessPal is an exceptional health oriented application, which helps you to stay fit. This app covers a number of health lifestyle needs such as exercise regimes, recipe importer, and a calorie-counting database with over 5,000,000, foods and a lot more.

Testing the speed of your internet connection is a great way to troubleshoot internet performance issues with your iPad device, even if you are not sure if the issue is with the Wi-Fi connection. Almost all of the apps that are installed in your iPad rely on the internet to download contents. This means that a slow internet connection will lead to a slow app.

There are many apps that can help you test the internet speed on your iPad. The Ookla Speedtest app can be used for this, as it is a free app. You just need to launch the app and allow it to use location services to test the Wi-Fi speed. You need to tap on the big “Begin Test” button to start the test.

To get an idea about the average speed of the internet connection, you need to do the test more than once. It is very much possible for the Wi-Fi connection to slow down for some seconds and then come back to full speed again. Performing multiple tests can help you avoid this problem. In addition to that, you will need to test internet speed at different locations in your apartment or house, especially at areas where you have noticed sluggish performance.

When the Wi-Fi signal travels through a wall or some other obstructions the signal may get weak. If after the test, you find that you have a dead spot, the best thing that you can do is to reposition the router to speed up the connection.

Before figuring out that you are getting a good speed, you will need to have an idea about the bandwidth capabilities of the internet connection that you use. You can get this data from the bill from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You may also use a PC or laptop that is connected to your network to test the speed of the connection.

Any speed under 3 Mbps can be considered slow. If you need to stream HD quality videos, you will need speeds of at least 5-8 Mbps. To avoid buffering while watching video online, you may need internet speeds of above 10 Mbps and to stream 4K or UHD video, you will need speeds of at least 25 Mbps.

The release of iPad lineup by Apple has offered a new name to the full sized iPad, the iPad Air. The new iPad Air has also blurred the line of distinction between the 9.7-inch tablet and 7.9-inch tablet. The choice between the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air has become one of size rather than one of ability, as the latest iPad Mini is as powerful as the iPad Air. Below are some of the main advantages of iPad Mini 2 over iPad Air.

The Price

The price of iPad Mini has increased to 399 dollars for the base model, but it is still a hundred dollars less than its full sized brother is. For the same price of a 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad Air, you can have an iPad Mini 2 that has 32 GB of storage space, which is plenty of space for many of us.

The Screen

iPad Mini 2 has the same 2048 x 1536 resolution screen. Having the same resolution on a smaller screen offers iPad Mini 326 pixels per inch (PPI). This means that the iPad Mini has a better screen clarity than the iPad Air, which has a PPI of only 264 pixels.

The Core

Both iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 have an A7 processor and this is a big upgrade from the original iPad Mini. The original iPad Mini shared the same processor as the iPad 2 device. For this reason, the device is much slower than the full sized iPad.

The Size

Being small is an advantage and disadvantage as the same time. Many users were wary of the small screen size when the original iPad Mini was released. However, iPad Mini 2 has a screen size that is bigger than most of the 7-inch tablet screens. For browsing the internet, reading eBooks, and other casual use, this iPad Mini model is good.

Users say that iPad Mini 2 is excellent for hardcore gaming also, but size can be a limiting factor. It is easy to use the iPad Mini 2 one handed, but there are areas like typing on the on screen keyboard where the extra screen size of the iPad Air comes useful.

We all know that iPad will disable itself after many passcode attempts. This is a security feature of the device, which is both useful and frustrating at the same time. If your iPad is stolen and someone tries to open it, the device will disable itself to prevent further attempts from happening. But what if the device is disabled accidentally?

Initially, the device will be locked for a minute and if the wrong passcode is entered again, the device will be disabled for five more minutes. If the passcode is entered wrongly again after five minutes, the device will be disabled completely. However, there are a few things that you can do to make the device working again.

What to Do

If you see that your iPad is disabled, someone must have typed the wrong passcode to disable the device. Sometimes, it might be a kid, who typed the wrong passcode without knowing what would happen to the device. Usually, this will lead to temporary disabling, but with much persistence, anyone can lock the device completely.

If your iPad is permanently disabled, your only choice will be to reset the device to its factory settings. This is the state of the device when you laid your hands on the device for the first time, out of the box. You may feel that this is a punishment, but the feature is provided for the protection of your own data.

If your iPad is stolen and someone tries to open it, the device will be disabled permanently after repeated attempts to open it. This will keep the person from accessing your precious data stored in the device.

If you have set up the Find My iPad feature in your device, the easiest way that you can follow to reset the device is via iCloud. Moreover, the Find My iPad option also offers a way to the users to reset the iPad remotely. This method can be used to rest the iPad when it is disabled, without resorting to iTunes. You just need to log into your iCloud account and click on Find My iPhone, select your iPad and then click on the Erase iPad link.

If you have not set up Find My iPad, the next best thing that you can do is to restore the device from the computer that you used to set up the device or you use to synchronize the device to iTunes. You can take a backup of all the stuff stored in your iPad and then choose to restore the device. This will help you make the disabled iPad work again.

It is evident that most of the tablets, mobile devices, PCs, and even laptops are pretty fragile, as they are being exposed to everyday elements. Apparently, tablets might end up in an unusable state, if you fail to take the necessary precautions while using them. However, if you take a few necessary precautions, then you will no longer have to worry about the cracking of your screen or any other unpredictable damages. Follow the below listed steps to ensure that your device stays secured from physical damages.

Get a Sturdy Protective Case

The first thing to do after buying a tablet is to purchase an accurate protective case for the device. This will make sure that your tablet is zipped up perfectly and it doesn’t move unnecessarily while you are keeping it in your bag or pockets.

Try to buy a leather or rubber outlining protective case, as it would offer more protection to your device and protect the screen if it slips or falls from your hand. You could also buy a case with a textured grip, as it significantly eliminates the chances of dropping the tablet.

Apply Screen Protectors

Another simple and effective way to protect your tablet is to buy a screen protector for the device. However, applying screen protectors can be a little tricky and it requires a little bit of expertise. So, if you are unable to apply it by yourself, then get it done at a cell phone accessory store.

Covering the screen of your tablet by using a screen protector is a brilliant way to make sure there are no scratches on the device. However, you should apply it evenly in order to avoid the formation of air bubbles.

Responsibility and Precautions

Make sure that your backpacks or bags are entirely secure and try not to put water bottles in the same bag in order to avoid the chances for water damages to the tablet. In addition to that, hold your tablet firmly when you are going up or down the stairs, or while you are walking through the streets.

You should not also put any heavy objects on top of the tablet, as it might damage the plasma in the screen of the tablet. Following these steps will make sure that your tablet is not damaged and it lasts longer.

Android tablets are undoubtedly one of the most versatile tablets available to us, and it offers an incredible experience to us. There are plenty of Android tablets available in the market, and if you happen to buy an Android tablet recently, then there are a few things to take care of before starting to use the tablet. Below are a few tips that will certainly enhance your tablet experience and allow you to make the most of your device.

Optimize the Device for Greater Battery Life

The battery life of all tablets depends on a number of factors such as the capacity of the battery and OS optimization. These factors are undoubtedly beyond your control, but you could significantly control the battery life of your device by making a few slight variations in the Settings of your tablet.

There is no need to set the screen brightness of your device to maximum, unless you are using the device constantly under direct sunlight. Setting the battery of the device either to 50 percent or to even slightly less will offer you enough luminous in normal lighting conditions.

In addition to that, make sure to turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use. These features will drain the battery of your device even when you are not connected over the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Disabling the features though, will in turn help you to save the battery of your device and make it last long.

Secure the Tablet

One of the major disadvantages of having Android OS is that it might open doors to dangerous malwares and other viruses. However, you can effectively solve this problem and ensure the safety of your device by downloading an antivirus application from the Google Play Store.

There are plenty of antivirus applications available on the Play Store for free. Try to download one that offers real time protection, as well as protects you from websites that seems suspicious.

In addition to that, you can also use the antivirus to lock your tablet or to wipe your personal data and important documents from the device. Many antivirus applications allow you to kill the processes or tasks, which are running in the background as well. These applications adversely affect the performance of your device, so shutting them down will enhance the performance of your Android tablet.

Apple has been offering incredible products over the last few years and many of us are attracted towards these offerings because of the exceptional features and quality it offers. Many individuals even prefer to buy an iPad without realizing the pros and cons offered by Apple products. However, it is important to know about the details of an iPad tablet and asses it before buying it. Below are a few things you should know before buying an iPad.

Availability of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office package is currently unavailable on the iPad. However, there is an iWorks package within the device, which enables you to create, save, and edit Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets. This app will eliminate the need for Microsoft Office on your portable device, and acts as an accurate alternative. However, if you are a user who wants Microsoft Office package in your tablet, then you should skip iPads.

Documents Printing

There is no way to print documents or photos directly from your iPad. However, there are specific applications designed by third party vendors such as Canon and HP for the purpose. These applications will help you to print your documents to specific printers. Yet again, it is significant to note that most of these devices are designed specifically for iPhone and they are not compatible for iPad.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

There are no insurance policies for Apple products, but the default repair warranty covers almost all typical usage problems including overused switches and buttons that have become unresponsive, failing speakers, and broken headphones. Yet again, the warranty offered by Apple does not cover the user damages or abuse of the device such as cracks on the screen, attempts by user to disassemble the iPad, or damages happened due to the dropping of the device.

USB Support

There is no USB port on iPad models, but Apple offers a separate camera adapter set at a cheap price. This external device comes with a USB card reader and an SD-card reader, and it allows you to easily download the pictures from your camera into the Photos app directly. In addition to that, many iPad users also claim that the device has numerous other USB functions, which allowed them to hook up their USB headsets and keyboards.

One of the major doubts we have before purchasing is tablet is to whether choose an Android operating system or to go for the most popular iOS devices. Of course, learning more about these two operating systems will help you to came to a conclusion and allow you to choose an operating system, which is the most accurate for your needs.

The Apps Support

The App Store of Apple offers a wide range of applications for tablets and it is much better than the Android Play Store. Apple has always been on top of their game since the launch of iOS 2 and they have tried to do incredible things over the last few years.

However, Android Play Store also offers a wide array of different apps and games, but they have a bit less stringent quality control. Besides, Android’s Play Store lags behind in numbers, when compared to Apple’s App Store. However, it is significant to note that almost all major applications are available in both the platforms.

The Perfect Choice

Your final decision on which tablet or operating system to choose will entirely depend on how you are planning to use the device. If you are planning to buy a tablet for your work related uses, then iPad is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you. This is because the device has a wide array of apps and they are practically synonymous with office works and business uses.

Yet again, if you were looking to use the tablet for entertainment and casual needs only, Android devices will hold the upper hand there. Although both of the operating systems handle media contents somewhat the same.

The Price Tag

The biggest gap between these two operating systems is clearly visible in their pricing. It is evident that the prices of almost all Apple products are a bit higher than the Android devices, and the price of an iPad might drag you away to Android tablets.

It is wiser to settle for an Apple product though, if you have a love for Apple products and if you are not limited by the budget cut. However, if you were looking for a budget friendly tablet, then Android tablets would be the better option for you.

The education field is shifting towards an interactive and innovative way of learning. This is the era of digital training and using tablets in the classroom for learning purposes is common these days. Scroll through the points below to learn more about the advantages of using tablets in the classrooms before claiming that using tablets might distract students and affect them badly.

Easy to Use

Tablets are more convenient and simple to use when compared to laptop and desktop computers or lots of papers. Using a tablet eliminates the need to carry different paper books or even textbooks. Furthermore, learning about computers and tablets from school will improve their computer skills.

Direct Communication

Tablets have the unique ability to connect parents, teachers, and students. In addition to that, hand written notes can be lost anytime accidentally, whereas this will not happen in the case of digital notes. Any feedback notes will be stored within the device and it can be used for future references.

Live Knowledge Base

The instructor or teacher will be able to deliver instant notes or other relevant learning materials to the students in a matter of few clicks. This will help the students to do their homework with the recommended resources. Furthermore, tablets give the students instant access to numerous details just at their fingertips.

Personal Approach

It is evident that instructors will have to use different learning styles, as students have different paces. Some of them may be sprinters while the rest will be slow runners. A tablet helps the instructor to overcome this barrier by enabling him/her to deliver the same lessons in various ways.

Cost Effective and Boosts Creativity

Purchasing is a tablet is undoubtedly a smart investment and it helps you save a lot of money. You will not have to worry about price hikes, or any damage and storage issues with tablet devices. In addition to that, tablets encourage students to compose music, make films, and draw even without using any extra tools.

Faster Visualization

Using tablet devices is one of the best ways to cultivate or develop the scientific skills of a student. For instance, students can use the device to document their study trips, camping trips, and get familiar with interactive maps and other relevant contents, which will certainly develop their scientific skills.